For some people, considering their own funeral arrangements can be a source of worry. “Who will arrange it?” and “My family do not want to talk about it” are both common problems. If at all possible, we would encourage you to talk to your family, relatives or close friends about your wishes, so they know what it is that you would want.

A good place to start is the excellent website of the charity, Dying Matters whose motto, “Let’s Talk About It” says all it needs to say.


Even if you do not feel able to talk about your wishes with your friends or family, it is important to let someone know what they are. Please use our Online Funeral Wishes Form to share your wishes with us. Everything you tell us is confidential and can be updated at any time. On receipt of the form we will be in touch to advise on likely costs, committing your wishes to paper and whether or not they should be made available to anyone else.

If you would prefer a meeting face to face, then we would be pleased to meet you for an informal chat. This may help inform your own deliberations or help promote a discussion within your family.

We are also able to help you commit to paper, your specific requests for your Funeral Service, in as much detail as you would wish. We would keep a record of these arrangements at our office, which are only removed if changes are required or when the death occurs.

We do not charge for simply leaving your funeral arrangements with us and we can make a copy of the arrangements available to your family, should you wish.

In leaving your wishes with us, you have a choice as to whether you pre-pay for the funeral or not. If you choose not to pre-pay, the funeral costs will be discussed with your family and executors at the time it is needed.

However, if you wish to pre-pay your funeral, then we can arrange this; please consult the Pre-Paid Funeral page of our website.