CW Memorials – Size of stone …

This is dependent on the regulations of the local Church but most burial plots allow for standard lawn memorials not smaller than 2 feet – 6 inches (76cm) and no larger than 4 feet (122cm) high Cremation plots have separate rules for smaller memorials or in some cases tablets that lay flat on the ground.

Room for further inscription

Whilst composing the inscription you may wish to consider if room needs to be left for further inscription at a later date.

Carvings / Etchings

Bronze, ceramic photographs or representations of objects or motifs such as a child’s toy are not allowed. If there is a particular carving that you would like to be added to the stone. This can be carved from a drawing, photo or description, subject to the Minister’s approval. Our stonemasons are happy to discuss your requirements and produce artwork prior to carving.


The cost of the memorial is dependent on the size, design of the stone, type and length of the inscription and the fees payable. We offer a varied range of memorials to suit most budgets and are always more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Permit application and fees

When a new memorial or an additional inscription is introduced to a Cemetery or Churchyard a permit has to be applied for, for which a fee is payable. We ask you to sign the permit application and then we take care of the rest of the administration for you.