CW Memorials – Lettering and Inscription…

Once you have decided on the design and size of the memorial you will need to consider the lettering and the inscription. We are able to cut by hand or machine. Hand cutting is the traditional way a stonemason carves, making each memorial unique. Machine cut lettering is computer generated and the letters appear more uniform.

The inscription can either be cut only or enamelled. Gold and silver lettering is not allowed so most painted inscriptions have to be in matt and either light blue,
black or off white. Pet names are not permitted. The Minister will require an accurate design of the proposed inscription before approving an application.

Memorial Design

Cross type memorials are not usually permitted but may be allowed at the Minister’s discretion in some Diocese. Open book type memorials are not permitted and kerb surrounds are only permitted in certain cases where they already exist i.e. replacements. Horizontal ledger slabs that cover the entire grave are permitted but are subject to approval by the Minister.

A single aluminium rose vase may be sunk into the ground within a hole bored through the base in front of the memorial.