Heathfield Funeral Service and C. Waterhouse & Sons have always taken much pride in providing only the finest vehicles to its clients. Today we operate a fleet of vehicles that is modern, well maintained and immaculately looked after. All our cars carry the distinctive “CWH” registration mark.

During 2012 and in response to some very harsh winters over recent years, we upgraded part of our fleet to be “All Weather” through the addition of two new 4×4 vehicles. This will ensure that regardless of how icy and snowy it may be, we will be able to reach families that need our help and proceed with the funeral in weather that would prohibit the use of our usual hearse and limousine.


Our Limousine is equipped with black golfing umbrellas in the event of wet weather.

Child Seats

You are welcome to use your child seats in our limousine

Restricted Mobility, Elderly or Disabled Passengers

We will be pleased to assist those who are less mobile and can carry standard wheelchairs in the boot of our limousine.

Following The Funeral Procession in Private Cars

You are welcome to follow the cortege in your private car. We travel slowly – around 30-35 m.p.h. so keeping up should not be a problem. Should other road users try and overtake or cut in breaking up the procession, please do not worry, the funeral director will endeavour to wait for a short time before the start of the service.

Alternative Funeral Transport

We are able to supply a variety of different vehicles either as hearses or to transport mourners. Possible alternatives are:

  • Traditional Horse-Drawn Funerals
  • Vintage Hearses
  • London Routemaster Bus
  • Military Vehicles
  • Motorcycle Hearse

Our current fleet is shown below outside Batemans, the home of Rudyard Kipling in Burwash, East Sussex.


Our Fleet

In addition to our Mercedes Hearse and Limousine, we have two silver Subaru Legacy Hearsettes and two Vauxhall Astras that are used as errand and following cars. All Waterhouse vehicles carry the distinctive “CWH” registration mark.


Our 4X4 Fleet

In recent years, the South East has experienced some very wet and very cold, icy winters with prolonged snowfall. A normal hearse or Limousine can not safely drive in such conditions. By using our Subaru Hearsettes and Range Rover, we are still able to transport a coffin and family mourners in even in the coldest weather conditions on the day of the funeral.


Hearse & Limousine

Our vehicles are Mercedes Benz with Pollman coachbuilding.

Hearse & Limousine


We operate two 4×4 Subaru Legacy Hearsettes. They are part of our 4×4 All Weather Fleet. They can be used to carry mourners, carry a coffin more discreetly than a hearse, and are our primary vehicles that we use to collect those people that have been placed into our care.

Subaru Heasettes